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Willie Moore Pencil Tests. Fireball vs nightmare at start, then a pencil test of a film about a bully. I recall Willie bringing in huge piles of paper, and sitting at the stand for extended periods shooting everything. Willie did some of the most involved and complete drawn animation projects during my time at the Lab. He taught some classes there eventually. 1993?


At Capital Childrens Museum (CCM) - National Center for Animation, Washington, D.C., Moore was Animation Consultant- Fall 1993- 2000

- Implemented national "2D animation" student workshops to the digital video production workshops at the Capital Childrens Museum.

- Taught classes in classical drawing, graphic design layout and digital animation, credits-titles, digital video animation camera stand production and digital sound sync audio recording mix.

- Received the MacArthur Foundation Grant for Media Arts Program for the Capital Childrens Museum to produce a program called "Lights, Cameras, and Commercials in the Community." The program featured kids dealing with media literacy in their community.

Run time 16 minutes 20 seconds
Audio/Visual sound, color


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